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January 30, 2013
Hello and welcome to    I'd hoped my website would be new and improved by now, but things have not worked out yet.  The specimens posted are still available.  For your patience, all prices will be reduced 30% until I can get the new website up and running.

          My dissertation proposal defense will take place in February, I will conduct my research April and May, and then I analyze, discuss, and write.  "That's all."  I hope to finish up and attain my PhD no later than October.

          I appreciate your patience as I finish up my degree work.  Marc


August 26, 2012
Hello and welcome to    My website is being upgraded and will have a new look.  If some links do not work, it is because the webpage format is no longer supported by Microsoft.  I appreciate your understanding.

       I will be selling portions of my trilobite collection to help pay for my daughter's college education.  As soon as I am able, I will post a store specific to the specimens for sale.  Up first will be my trilobites from Sweden.

          I appreciate your patience as I finish up my degree work. I am planning to complete my coursework by the end of 2012.   Marc



May 29, 2012
Hello and welcome to    My site has been on a mild hiatus lately.  My PhD program is coming to a conclusion.  I am not able to prepare any client specimens, and not even my own, for a while, yet. I have one more semester of coursework, then I take my comprehensives, and then all that is left is my dissertation.  No problem! :-)

          I appreciate your patience as I finish up my degree work.   Have a successful and safe summer!    Marc



January 1, 2012
Happy New Year!  This year may prove to be quite interesting.  I am in the middle of my doctoral studies in Science Education, Curriculum and Instruction at Ohio University.  My fossil preparation activities have been minimal, although I have literally a ton of my own material that needs prepared.   I am only taking on small "simple" preparation jobs, since my time is seriously constrained by academic work.
          The good news is that I finally was able to devote some time to the website stores, and and stocked several of the stores with new specimens!   I actually do have several hundred specimens that can be added, but again, I do not have the time to add them to the website.  I keep hoping to find a local student who might light the work, but thus far - I've had no luck.  Please do keep checking in, because when the material gets added, the stores will be filled to capacity again!
            Finally, I have been posting some specimens on ebay under  seller name Fossilprep.  Prices tend to be about half of what I would sell them on the website, so it is a good place to find a Fossilprep bargain.
            I appreciate your understanding during this time of apparent inaction.  I promise things are going to perk up again, as soon as I am able to find time or assistance.  Have a very happy and productive new year!
                                              Sincerely,  Marc

June 30, 2011
Happy summer!  Yes, I am afraid it has been a year since I have had a good update.  The reason is, I have begun work on a doctoral degree, and virtually every waking moment I have is tied up with it.
          I am still able to add new specimens to the stores periodically, so if you are looking for new fossil specimens for your collection, please do check.  In the past I sent news letters to announce the posting of multitudes of new specimens.  I have only been able to add a few new ones at a time.   One may be posted that you may find interesting, so it will pay to check the fossilprep stores once in a while!
          For the month of July, all specimens posted in my stores are 20% off.  I will try to keep up with the sold designations so that you know what is truly still available.  I have an assistant this month who will help me maintain the web site and sales.
          As always, I appreciate your business!  Have a safe and enjoyable summer!   Marc

June 7, 2010

          I have no news to create a newsletter.  My lab is in full operation, so if you have any specimens that need prepared, this is a splendid time to get them cleaned up.  I will be teaching summer school from mid-June through July, which will slow my preparation output, otherwise, turn-around should be moderately quick.

          Have  a safe, enjoyable, and productive summer!  Marc

April 22, 2010

          It is spring!  Collecting season is finally upon us again.  I hope you are able to get out and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

          There is an event that you might want to check out.   Trilobite Jam is a gathering of trilobite collectors who  will meet at Utah's House Range trilobite beds, where collectors can gain access to the myriad of leased quarries that yield many different species, such as Hemirhodon, Modocia typicalis, Bathyuriscus, Olenoides, and more.  There is some cost involved.  I am not part of the hosting group, but you can get more information at their website
          I want to restate that I am still writing the Feature Fossil column for Fossil News magazine, and if you have a specimen that photographs well, no matter whether it is unusual or common, please take some high quality pics and mail them to me.  You will be acknowledged as the owner of the fossil in the article.  Please include a paragraph, telling about the fossil, especially if there is a good story involved.

          My lab is going full speed at this time, since I am not employed outside of my fossil preparation business.  If you have any specimens that need prepared, this is a terrific time to mail them in.  I focus on invertebrate material, but if you contact me in advance, I often do accept vertebrate material.  (No dinosaur bones or shark teeth, please.)

          I posted several dozen new specimens in my website stores.  If you are interested in purchasing fossils for your collection, please check out my stores at   More specimens are being added weekly.  

          Notice that there are two new stores: UNPREPARED specimens and Teeth.

          Have a terrific day and may good luck follow  you during your field collecting.

February 24, 2010

          Happy New Year to everybody!  I cannot believe it is already near the end of February.   I just finished a temporary teaching position, and now I am back in my lab.  Nearly all client work is caught up, so if you have something you need prepped, this is an excellent time to mail it in.

          I am cleaning out my lab while I wait on client work.  I've got hundreds of boxes of my own material to prep, so for the next few months, you will see new material routinely added in the stores, and I will be active on eBay as well.  I will be selling flats of material as well as single specimens.
          I am still writing the Feature Fossil column for Fossil News magazine.  If you have a specimen that photographs well, no matter whether it is unusual or common, please take some high quality pics and mail them to me.  You will be acknowledged as the owner of the fossil in the article.  Please include a paragraph, telling about the fossil, especially if there is a good story involved.

          I will hopefully acquire full time work this summer, at which time my lab will stop preparation, until I get a handle on how much time I have available.  So again, if you have any specimens that you wish to have prepped, please send them sooner than later!

          I've not heard any recent news from the fossil world, beyond the fact that the Tucson show has wound down, and preparation for MAPS is beginning.   I will not set up a table at MAPS Expo this year.  If you need glue or wish to drop a specimen off, I will be at the Days Inn Motel from Wednesday, March 24 through Thursday, March 27th.  Friday I will walk through the Expo and head home around noon.

          If you are headed to MAPS, have a safe and enjoyable journey.  And to all my readers, have a successful spring season.

August 26, 2009

    Hello one and all.  I hope your summer has gone as well as or better than you’d hoped.

     I obtained many flats of unprepared material at the last MAPS show.   The specimens are being prepared and many have turned out to be very fine specimens!  You can find the best specimens in the stores at the website.  The remainder (and the majority) of specimens are being sold on ebay, under the seller name of “fossilprep”.

     I continue to prepare fossils for clients, but my turn-around time is a little longer, due to my efforts to locate full time work.  Please remember that I do straight prep work, and that I do not do restoration, beyond superficial small touchups.

   I receive several emails a month asking about the status of  fossil collecting on federal lands. Here is the website that contains the exact wording of the bill.       

     What I am reading is that it is OK to casually collect fossils on federal land, but only if the BLM says it is OK.   From what I am hearing, the BLM in Utah is hassling casual collectors.  At a public meeting, the BLM made it very clear that this is “federal” land, not public land.  

     Here is the government’s description of the bill. See what you think:

     In part, here is one paragraph: “H.R. 554 would prohibit taking or damaging paleontological resources located on federal lands without permission, selling or purchasing such resources, or submitting false documents relating to them. By codifying prohibitions against those activities, the bill would make it easier for the federal government to prosecute cases against violators.”

     I am not in a position to say what is and is not legal.  But personally, I am not willing to take the risk of traveling out west to collect. 

     And that is the scoop.  Have a very fine late summer!

March 30, 2009
       Spring has arrived - finally!!! Here in Ohio, we had 3 major wind events since September, which resulted in a couple weeks of no power, 4 major trees down, and a lot of unplanned outdoor work.  But things are slowly getting back to normal.

       The MAPS show is next weekend.  Marc  Behrendt Fossil Preparation will be set up both at the MAPS Expo, and at the Days Inn in Macomb, Illinois in room 109.  I will have a wide variety of specimens for sale, most that were prepped over the winter and have not been placed onto the Website stores yet.  Mention the Fossilprep Newsletter and I will give you 30% off. 

       I plan to acquire a full time job within the next few months.  If you have any specimens that you would like prepared, I recommend you get them to me as soon as possible.  Once regular work is obtained, my preparation time will be either limited or curtailed.
       If you are headed to MAPS, have a safe and enjoyable journey.  And to all my readers, have a terrific spring season.

January 1, 2009
        Happy New Year to everybody!  I am going to write a quick update, with a longer message later this month.  At least, that is the plan.  I am presently working as the full time inhouse substitute teacher for Fairfield Union Junior and Senior High Schools.  My prep time is thus limited to evenings and weekends, but I am keeping up with the preparation work.  So if you have specimens to be prepared, this is a good time to send them in.

          I will be selling many specimens on EBay during the next few months - some from my personal collection and some from my hundreds of flats that litter my basement and garage.  Check under the seller name "Fossilprep."

          Also, I am adding specimens to the website store pages.  There are a few real eye poppers to be added, so keep an eye on the stores as well.  I am going to keep the 33% off sale until February 1, 2009.

          My work with Fossil News Magazine continues, as I write the Feature Fossil column each month.  I hope to have a new full length article finished before winter is through.

          I hope to see you at the North Coast Fossil Club meeting in January, or at the MAPS show in April.  Tucson is a no-go this year, since I am teaching.

          Have a splendid new year and may good fortune come your way.     Marc

September 23, 2008
         This has been an interesting summer.  I thought I would easily land a science teaching position, but no positions came open throughout the summer!  So, here I am unemployed, with a spiffy new teaching license and Masters Degree.  I anticipate my ship will come in sometime soon.

          In the meantime, I have begun to clear out stock from my lab.  I have literally hundreds of flats of specimens that I am moving on eBay, with the best material being placed up on my website in the Fossilprep store.  You can find my eBay material under the seller name "Fossilprep".

          For those who need prepwork done, I am going to temporarily open up my lab again after October 1, 2008.  Things were shut down for the summer as I examined my books, realizing a financial loss over the past year because of overhead costs.   I spoke to many clients, who all begged me to remain open and to raise my rate.   My goal was to keep prepwork affordable for my clients, but I reluctantly must raise my hourly rate to cover expenses.  Beginning October 1, my hourly rate will be $30.  I hope you understand.

          For receiving this newsletter, you may take 25% off your order from the Fossilprep stores until November 1, 2008.  Please mention this discount with your order.

          Thank you for visiting!  Have a terrific autumnal season.


May 20, 2008
       Good news for Fossilprep clients!  My lab is back in full operation, at least for the time being.

        Commencement at Muskingum College is over and I am official, I have my Masters Degree.  Hurray!  I am hoping to publish my thesis in an educational journal, but that is a month or two away.  Now that I have the degree, people have been asking me what I am going to do when I finally grow up.  I am looking for the "right" job, and when that happens, my fossil preparation business will likely need to slow or close down.

        The Columbus Ohio rock and fossil show will be help May 31 and June 1 at Veterans Memorial Hall.  I will be there on Sunday at the demonstration table.

        I am planning to take a trip out west this summer, but the time table has not been set. features a new section exhibiting some of my photography.  Look at the bottom of the home page for the link.   Also, many new specimens have been added to the stores, and will continue to be added throughout the summer.   I purchased a huge amount unprepped specimens plus an old collection that requires "spiffing up."

         Thank you for visiting!  Have a splendid, safe and enjoyable midyear.

April 8, 2008
        New specimens for the Fossilprep stores will be posted soon.  The "old" specimens are now 25% off their listed price in order to make room for the new material.  Also, note the price to purchase all the Insect fossils. 

         My Masters Thesis is completed and I will attend graduation exercises on May 8th.  I am looking for a full time position, but I intend to maintain  The next few months shall be quite interesting and exciting!

        It was a pleasure to meet and talk to many folks at the MAPS Expo last weekend.  If you have never attended MAPS Expo, you really should attend once.  What an awesome show with nothing but fossils of every sort!

        May the spring season bring happiness and good fortune your way.   Marc

January 1, 2008
Happy New Year!

         I am pleased to relate that my Masters Thesis research is nearly at an end, and I am about ready to delve into the world of statistics and analysis.

         I have been working in the preparation lab and am now moving work out at a slow but regular pace once again.  If I have your specimens, they are or will be processed soon.  If you are considering having specimens prepared, this is an excellent time to send them.  I will say that specimens requiring straight forward preparation will be the easiest to turn around quickly.

         Last, this is a little gift for you for visiting my site and reading this far.  In the month of January, you may chose any one item that has not been sold yet from my Fossilprep stores and purchase it for 50% off the announced price.  Please state that you saw the offer here on my website.

         May this year bear many gifts to your heart, to your mind, to your family, to your collections, and to your bank account!

October 28, 2007
       Autumn has finally arrived in southern Ohio.  There are so many places I planned to collect this year that I have not been to yet.  My efforts have been on finishing my Masters thesis, which I hope will be completed and published before the spring collecting season begins.  I would be interested in purchasing or trading for unprepped trilobite material if you have spare specimens, just so I can prep out some specimens for myself once in a while. 

        A new article has been posted on  Trilobites of the Cincinnati Region was recently published in Fossil News Magazine and now you can read it here.  The photographs may not be of the best specimens, but they are the actual specimens in my collection.

        I am getting more time to prepare specimens.  My backlog is beginning to disappear, so if you have work that you have been holding until I am ready for it, this is a good time to send it.  If I have specimens of yours, they are in the process of being prepared.  I appreciate your patience during this longer than usual turn-around time.

       From now until the end of this year, your reward for reading this letter shall be 20% off all purchases from the website. Please tell me you want to have the discount that you read about in the newsletter or on the What's New page.

      As always, I thank you for your support through your preparation work and even by simply visiting the website.

August 19, 2007
         I hope your summer has been more active than mine. has been pretty much on hold, as I have been working to complete my Masters Degree.  I am in the middle of my thesis, so in a month or two I should be back to full operation again.  The good news is I completed my yearlong studies at Muskingum College and just acquired my Teaching Certificate for 7-12 Life Science. 

         I have been getting some prep work done, so if you have specimens that need prepped, I am accepting work.  My turn around time will still be prolonged, but work will get done.

         Today I added a couple dozen new specimens to the Fossilprep stores - which are marked for easy identification.  I am selling some specimens from my personal collection as well as material that I have collected.  As I find time, I will be adding specimens to the stores, so keep checking back.  There are about 100 flats of material that needs organized, and eventually it will be put up for sale. There will be some interesting species and varieties of fossils coming along.

        As always, I wish you the best of fortune in these waning days of summer!  Marc

May 6, 2007
Spring has finally arrived in Ohio.  I hope you are getting out and enjoying the newness of the season.

         I apologize that I am not always able to respond to questions or emails very quickly these days.  I am concluding my Masters Degree, which obviously requires a huge time commitment.  In a moment of absolute madness, I  agreed to teach science at a local high school for the fourth quarter.  The little time I had for myself vanished the beginning of April, and will not be experienced again until late May.   

         For this reason, prepwork is impossible and my mail is piling up.  If you have specimens that require prepwork, it might be better to hold them until June.  And if I have your specimens here in the lab, I very much appreciate your patience.  I will get to them, I promise!

         And just to illustrate how busy I have been, here it is May and I have yet to go fossil collecting, fishing or even prepare my boat for use.  Now that's busy!!!

          Again, thank you for your patience.

February 8, 2007

       To me, it is amazing that we are already past the Tucson show and heading toward spring!  As I have stated previously, my preparation business has been running slower than usual because I am working on my Masters Degree in Education.  If you have work waiting to be prepared, I really appreciate your patience!
        I will not be able to attend the MAPS Expo this year.  I do plan to be at the Days Inn from Tuesday until Thursday morning before the show.  If you have any specimens you would like to drop off, that would be the time to do so.  It is sort of odd, the Floor chairman to the MAPS Expo will miss the show, but that is the kind of year it has been!

        This month, I am making an offer to everybody on the Fossilprep newsletter list.   I am the Feature Fossil writer for "Fossil News Magazine".  If you have a fossil that is unique, spectacular, or has a terrific story, take some quality digital images and attach them to an email.  In the text, please include
1.  your name
2.  the name of the fossil
3.  if you have it, the full classification ( I can work it out if you are not able)
4.  the locality where the fossil was found
5.  The age and formation information
6.  a short explanation of why it is special to you.  If there is a story, write it out.  Otherwise, please keep it brief.

January 4, 2007
      Happy New Year!  First of all, I am continuing the end-of-the-year sale, but now it is a beginning-of-the-year sale!   I have some new specimens that will be posted in about a month, so I want to clear out some of the older material.
      I am slowly churning out client preparation material.  I really appreciate your patience during this education-caused delay.

     The bad news is I will not be able to attend the North Coast Fossil Club annual celebration, Tucson, or the MAPS Expo this year.  My Masters program requires 100% attendance. Ouch!!!   I am planning to be at the hotel prior to MAPS, tentatively Tuesday through Thursday.   There is also a chance I will be able to attend the Columbus Rock and Gem show on Sunday only, but I cannot say for sure yet.

      Watch Fossil News Magazine for an article concerning the Cincinnatian trilobites.  And as always, thank you for your interest and support!

November 9, 2006
I am getting things ready for a big end-of-the-year sale, with prices being cut 25% to 75% on most specimens.  Keep checking back to see if the sale has begun, or if you have signed up for the Fossilprep.Com newsletter, you will receive notification when the sale goes live.

      On the article page I added the Trilobites of the Rochester Shale article that was recently featured in Fossil News.

       I am working on my Masters in Education, and will have a week off from classes every 3 weeks.  At that time, I will be doing prepwork.  My workload is not bad, so delays in turnaround are not much longer than my usual output.  For those of you who have had work with me, it is all nearly completed.

       Thank you for your continued patronage to  I appreciate your business and support!  Have a terrific month!      Marc

September 23, 2006
Today is the first day of Autumn.  This summer really flew by fast!  I made a quick trip to Nevada, mostly just to get out for a short vacation.  I am glad to say that this trip held very little in the way of wayward adventure or bad luck.  My vehicle ran nearly flawlessly (only 1 flat tire) and nothing bad happened, well until the day I flew home.  It happened to be THE day everything changed in airports, concerning no liquids, gels, etc.  The lines to security in Las Vegas's airport were 3 hours long, but somehow I still made my flight!  They were loading when I sprinted to the gate, but I did get on the flight, and I still got a window seat!!! has a very exciting new addition!  If you click on "Trilobites Rule" you will find a series of cartoons drawn by Greg Courtney.  My favorite is the very first one presented.  Greg is an accomplished artist and has a terrific sense of humor.  Due to a catastrophic computer crash, Greg lost all his comics except for the ones now shown on this page.

       I have big news concerning preparation service clients.  I have been admitted into a Masters Degree program at Muskingum College, and will be working on an Education degree and a teachers license.  I am going to try to keep the preparation business operational, but please be patient if the work is taking longer than you are used to.

       The Masters program may also affect my ability to attend upcoming shows, so I will be selling more material on my website and on eBay.  If you have large specimens to drop off, we will have to work out a meeting place for the hand-off.

       Watch for new specimens to be posted in the stores.  I just received a shipment of semi-prepped Oklahoma trilobites, crinoids and cystoids.  Once I spiff them up, I will place them up for sale.  Some extremely fine specimens will be posted!

       Thank you for continuing to visit  If you have any suggestions for the site, for the stores, or for the humor page, please contact me at .   Under consignment, I can sell your specimens from my website or on eBay; contact me for details.  I can always use new fossil-related humor on the site.

       Have a splendid Autumn!

July 17, 2006
Summer is most definitely here in SE Ohio!  Local collecting has been difficult due to heavy rains, flooding lakes and creeks, and now extreme heat.   Hopefully a trip to the western deserts will solve my collecting woes.  And surely, a new story will follow, describing events and occurrences that even I cannot predict!

       Concerning preparation, I have 2 topics.  First, if you are sending me specimens to prepare, please be sure to include your name, address and phone number inside the package.   Second, I have decided to work on a graduate degree and get my teacher's license.  I plan to continue my preparation business, however job completion may take longer than you are accustomed from me.

       I have included a new edition to the home page.  At the bottom is a quote of the month, something I read or heard that is noteworthy and thought provoking.

      Last of all, everything in the stores will be 10% off with free shipping until August 31.  I will be away for a bit, so be patient if I do not respond to your order right away.

       Have a fabulous summer! 

April 17, 2006
Work in the preparation lab has been set aside for the past few weeks, as I organized and packed for the Columbus Rock and Gem show, and then for the MAPS Expo in Illinois.  I picked up several flats of unprepared fossils from the Rochester Shale, Windom Shale of New York, and Cincinnati region.  These specimens will begin appearing on the website in a month or two.

       To those who stopped by my tables at either show, thank you!  It was good meeting you, and for many, it was nice to put a face to the name.

        Coming up, in the May issue of Fossil News, I have an article describing the Rochester Shale and associated trilobites.  You may be surprised to learn that there are more trilobite species there than first thought!

        Last, I placed over 50 new specimens into the website stores. There are many new trilobites and echinoderms, along with many miscellaneous fossils.   Included are several rare Virginia trilobites, which had to be placed into the "Odds and Ends" store.

        If you are waiting for prepwork to be completed, I am on the homestretch of getting everything done.  And if you are considering having me prepare your fossils, this may be a good time to send them over, as I should be caught up very very soon!

        Have a safe and terrific spring!       

February 4, 2006
Happy Groundhog's Day!  I hope this midwinter's day finds you well.

    First, I added many specimens to more than half the Fossilprep stores. Of note are many trilobites, and a small collection of Cretaceous shark teeth.  Check the sidebar on my website to see which stores have been updated.  

     A nasty virus has kept me out of the prep lab, so I have been organizing specimens and have begun to prepare for the MAPS show, which is scheduled for April 7-9, 2006.

     There should be a new article discussing the Rochester Shale, which will be published in Fossil News Magazine soon. 

      Have a safe and healthy month!

January 1, 2006
Happy New Year to all!  It has been a busy autumn in my laboratory, and I am finally getting an opportunity to add some new specimens to my website stores. Included are some North American echinoderms and trilobites, and Moroccan trilobites. More specimens will be added in a week or two.  Please take a look!

     I added the latest Fossil News Magazine article that covers the Virginia dig I went on recently.  I hope to feature a few of the species on my collection page very soon, as soon as I prep out some of the finer specimens.

     I will not be attending the Tucson show this year, I am coaching an academic team at a local high school. However, I will be attending the North Coast Fossil Club January meeting and annual celebration, the Columbus Rock, Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show in late March, and the MAPS Expo in early April.  If you have any specimens to drop off for preparation, contact me and we can set up arrangements to transfer your material.

     Again, have a terrific new year!

September 12, 2005
Summer is drawing to a close and my lab has begun full time operations again. My summer has been rather quiet - it was just too darn hot in Ohio to go collecting, fishing, or almost anything outside.  However, I have more than 100 flats of unprepared material that I plan to clean and move as fast as I can. 

       Just to get things started, I have begun a new store page "Echinoderms page 3" which features all Crawfordsville material.

        Also, if you missed the article in Fossil News Magazine, I have attached a piece describing my collecting trip and adventures during the Nevada 2004 dig.

        Keep an eye on my website, because I will be adding many specimens from a collection that is being pared down!

June 1, 2005
Summer has arrived at last. I hope you will be able to get out and have some fine collecting during the next few months.

       For those who are awaiting specimens to be prepared, I am quickly getting caught up, and should have your work done soon.  Please contact me if you have not received your prepared specimens in what you consider a reasonable time.

       I have added many new specimens to the stores.  Included are Burlington echinoderms, North American, South American trilobites, Oklahoma trilobites, and some Cretaceous Shark teeth.  My favorite of all specimens in on the North American Trilobite page - a perfect Flexicalymene setting directly next to a complete bivalve.

       I am hoping to attend the Bloomington Rock and Fossil Show in late June, however I cannot commit 100% at this moment.  Please check the "Shows" page on my website closer to the show date for an update.

      Fossil News Magazine will have a full length article about my 2004 Nevada adventures.  As those who know me will agree, there is never a dull moment when I am out on a dig!

April 11, 2005
      MAPS Expo was a grand success.  I thank everybody who stopped by the table to say hello.  It was truly special to put a face to names that I have known over the internet! 
         I have acquired a huge amount of new material, and will be adding it to the site over the next couple weeks.  I will send out a newsletter when all the material has been posted, however check back before the newsletter is out to have first opportunity at the specimens.

March 17, 2005
March is quickly sliding into April, which means the MAPS Expo is fast approaching on April 8-10.  On Wednesday, April 6, I will have a room at the Macomb Inn - also known as the Days Inn - and will have material for sale, including all my website specimens, plus much more. Mention you saw this memo on my website, and you will receive an automatic 10% discount!

    Also new this month is a second page of Oklahoma trilobites.  Several very fine Oklahoma echinoderms were added to the Echinoderm store.  Also of note is a very, rare eodiscid trilobite from Morocco  has been added in the Moroccan Trilobite Store.



February 9,2005
     The stores have been updated and have been loaded with new specimens!  Notice that there is now a store just for Oklahoma trilobites and another just for insects.  I also added an Odds and Ends store, which will harbor all varieties of fossils, plus maybe a surprise once in a while!

       While attending the Tucson show, I acquired several hundred specimens that need to be reprepared or spiffed up.  I will continue to add them to the stores as they are completed.  Check back often!

January 1,2005
All specimens in all the Fossilprep stores will be 33% off until January 10th.  It is time to make room for some new and quite interesting specimens. 

     Have a splendid new year!

New! New! New!
The Misc. Trilobite store is now open with 15 new specimens from Great Britain, all fresh from the preparation lab!  Also, specimens were added to the US Trilobite Store.  Please check them out!

October 2004
A.  There are new specimens spread out among 4 stores.  
B.   I am happy to say I am finally making headway on client specimen preparation.  Once I get caught up, I will prep out some of the specimens that I collected in Nevada and Georgia and post the images. There are sure to be some quite unusual species.
C.  Concerning the Fossilprep Stores - Any domestic orders of over $100 shall have shipping free of charge!

September 2004
A. I returned from a Nevada collecting trip in mid-August, then came down ill for 3 weeks.  So between trying to get caught up on client prep work and my regular work backlog, I will update the website as soon as possible.  Watch Fossil News Magazine for a detailed account of my Nevada journey - let's just say it was character building....

August 2004
A.   By popular demand, the Equipment page has been updated with many photos of my lab and equipment.

July 2004
Three new fish have been added to the Fish store.
B.    A very rare trilobite has been added to the North American Trilo store.  This may be the first time this trilobite has ever been offered for sale by any dealer!
C.     My air abrasive machine is presently being refurbished by Crystal Mark Inc.  Though a 3-week prepwork delay has occurred, the machine will run better than ever.  MB Fossil Preparation should be back in operation the first week of July.

May 2004
A.  Two new Bumastus have been added to the North America store.
B.  A new Ceraurus has been added to the Misc. store.
C.  Many specimens in most of the stores have been priced to sell!
D.   Keep checking back, I just received a large package of unprepped Great Britain trilobites.   I will post them as I get them cleaned.  There are many different species!
E.  It was excellent meeting many of the site's visitors at the MAPS Expo.  Thank you for stopping by and saying hello! :-)


March 2004
A. Several new articles have been added to the article files. 
B. New before/after photos have been added. 
C. Many new fossil photos have been added to the site.
D. New items are posted in the US Trilobite store. 
E. And don't forget, mention this website at the MAPS show at my tables, and you will receive a 10% discount on the spot!

February 2004 -
MAPS Expo is fast approaching. I will have 3 tables of material for display and for sale.  Please stop by and say hello. Mention this message on my website, and you receive a 10% discount on all MAPS purchases from my stock.

November 2003-
A new page of US trilobites has been added to the stores.  Also, new specimens were added to the Eurasian store.  Also, because you have read this far, all purchases from now until January 1, 2004 shall be discounted 10%.  

August 2003 -
New insects and a rare Bolivian ammonite have been added to the Misc. Fossils Store page. 
New trilobites added to the South America page.

May 2003 -
The new website went live in late April.  Many new features have been added:

  1. Fossils are now available for purchase.  The pages will change often, so check back frequently.  If you have a request, feel free to drop me an email.
  1. Upon many requests, I will exhibit photographs of specimens from my personal collection.
  1. Many new photographs of specimens I prepared can be viewed throughout the site.
  1. I will be adding new articles to the site very soon
  2. Mom has added to her now famous quote!

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