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Paleo Education sites
Sam Gonin’s incredible trilobite educational site  Make a topographic map of anywhere in the USA Excellent site about the fossils and the formation of The United Kingdom Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center
Fossil friends and dealers  Curiogrove, quality fossils and more  Extinctions, quality fossils and more  Excellent variety of fossils, stands, and fun Excellent website from the United Kingdom! Deposits Magazine - Rocks and Fossils Trilobite clothing - interesting and fun
Moroccan fossils Dave Mielke's collection page  Primitive Worlds, Rochester Shale fossils and more  Paleoenterprises, Florida fossils    Russian fossils  Casts and skeletons for sale or rent  A traveling Cretaceous exhibit   Wide variety of fine European fossils    Excellent Moroccan fossils and more    The highest quality Moroccan fossils
White River Formation Vertebrate fossils and more  The Detrich Fossil Company - dinosaur and other types of spectacular fossils  The Tucson Fossil, Rock, Mineral show guide with dates, maps, directions, bus routes, lodging and dining ideas, etc.  Tom Johnson’s House of Phacops site LeGrand Smith’s site of Bolivian trilobites
fossils/default.asp an excellent German fossil site
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Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources - paleontology site

Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources - geoscientific site
Preparation Supplies:  Extinctions, quality fossils and more Crystal Mark and Swamblaster Microairabrasive machines  American Association of Paleo. Suppliers High Quality collecting tools
Paleontology and Geology Book Dealers:  Geoscience Books  Ed Rogers Rare and out of print geoscience books
Geotimes magazine Geotimes magazine
Paleontology Clubs and Organizations:  Black Hills Institute Fossil News: Journal of Avocational Paleontology   Dry Dredgers North Coast Fossil Club  (Mid-American Paleontology Society)  WIPS (Western Interior Paleontology Society) Home page of the Falls of the Ohio State Fark and discovery center, home of the FOTO Fall Fossil Festival held each September
Yahoo Trilobite club  Paleontological Society – Professional Paleo society, publisher of “Journal of Paleontology”  Paleontological Research Institution Terrific organization along the Ohio River in Indiana - site of the Jeffersonville Show in September

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