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Marc Behrendt Fossil Preparation
421 S. Columbus St.
Somerset, Ohio 43783

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We will confirm by email or phone whether the items you have ordered are still available, and at that same time shipping costs and final amount due will be determined. The specimens shall be held for up to 3 weeks until your payment arrives. On receipt of payment, the item will be sent out via Priority Mail. UPS can be used upon request. Ohio residents must pay 6% sales tax.

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If you are not satisfied with your purchase, return it to the address below, stating your complaint, and we will do our best to replace the item . If we cannot do this, we will issue a refund. If the item is damaged in the mail, the item, package, and packing must be kept for proof of damage so that compensation can be claimed from the Post Office or UPS.

Marc Behrendt Fossil Preparation
421 S. Columbus St.
Somerset, Ohio 43783


Harpidella christi, Shelby County IN, Silurian trilobite

Pseudomera sp.

Chiasmacantha cecrops

Unidentified Cambrian Trilobite from Georgia

Triadaspis bigeneris

Beckwithia sp.

Ceraurinus marginatus and Primaspis sp.

Phacops rana, Erie County, NY, Devonian Trilobite
Phacops rana rana

Dasciocrinus sp., Alabama, Mississippian crinoid
Unidentified crinoid

Cambrian coprolite from Georgia

Cambrian coprolite filled with hyoliths

2002- 2014

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