Marc Behrendt Fossil Preparation - and
Marc Behrendt Scientific Services 

Marc Behrendt
421 South Columbus Street
Somerset, Ohio, 43783 USA
(740) 743-2818



Equipment & Pricing:

Swamblaster MV-1 Microsandblaster
Chicago and Aro Airscribes
Dremel Grinder Tools
B&L Stereo Zoom Microscope
Lapcraft 4" Diamond Blade Saw
Rock and Gem Co. 12" Diamond Blade Saw
Tanaka AHC 120 Concrete Cutoff Saw

Pricing information as of January 2009:
  Routine work: $30.00 per hour labor
  Specimens needing immediate prep: $45.00/ hour

Other Services:
Quaternary-O preparation available at $15.00 a batch. A batch includes as many specimens that will fit into the pot at one time, which could be 100 small brachiopods to 1 large coral head.

Photos from a day in the lab

Workbox with day's work     

Workstation - note the airlines and line driers on the back wall          
Microscope on custom stand
Micro-airabrasive unit

Dust collector - ductwork runs behind workbox
Air cleaning system to pick up dust missed by the workbox dust collector

Air compressor in garage, with airline running up left side of photo. (Note the drop line to drain airline of condensed water)

Amber/copal polishing station

4 inch wetsaw for minor trimming

Official Lab assistant

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